Battery Operated Breast Pump Reviews

Battery Operated Breast Pump Reviews

Imagine you come into the breastfeeding room but no outlet is available…

Imagine you are struggle in traffic jam…

Imagine you travel to other countries with no adapter…

What a breastfeeding mom can do? Just like a HELPLESS girl…

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Battery Operated Breast Pumps

Double electric breast pump is a must for breastfeeding moms. Some breast pumps can be operated by batteries. They are convenient and portable. Moms don’t need to worry if the outlet is unavailable.

Battery operated breast pumps can be divided into two types: rechargeable battery operated or operated by normal AA/AAA batteries. summarizes several hot models of battery operated breast pumps into one table so that you can read easily. The table also lists the performance of battery. In order to reflect the truth, we get the overall result from uncountable customer reviews. Manufacturer’s information is just a reference. You may find that the battery’s performance is difference with manufacturers’ description.



Medela Pump in Style Advanced
Medela Pump in Style Advanced

From the table, you can see that most battery operated breast pumps can run on AA batteries. The battery pack of Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump can support 5 hours pumping which is the longest among all models, but it needs 8 AA batteries. Moms should buy more spare batteries. Please note not all models support rechargeable AA batteries! Using incompatible batteries may destroy the double breast pump. Read the instruction before purchasing.

Hygeia EnJoye LBI Double Electric Breast Pump Ratings.jpg

Hygeia EnJoye LBI Breast Pump and Spectra S1 Hospital Grade Breast Pump can run on internal rechargeable battery. The design is advanced. Hygeia EnJoye LBI and Spectra S1 take approximately 8 hours and 1.5 hours to full charge the battery respectively. And Hygeia’s battery can last for 4 hours which is longer than Spectra S1’s 3 hours. To ensure a longer battery life, it is recommended to charge the battery until it is all run out.


Spectra Cimilre S1
Spectra Cimilre S1

Two kinds of battery operated breast pumps have their own fans. Some moms love AA battery operated breast pumps because they don’t want to spend time to recharge the battery. They can buy replacement batteries everywhere. On the other hand, some moms don’t like to buy batteries frequently. Besides, rechargeable inbuilt battery is more environmental friendly. Depends on your needs, try to choose the most suitable battery operated breast pump. For me, Battery operated is a MUST feature!!! Just a friendly reminder besides the battery operated feature, suction, price, collection system and flange material etc. are also important. If you want to read more comparison of double breast pumps, please read or


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