Medela Symphony Hospital Grade Double Breast Pump Ratings and Reviews

Medela Symphony Hospital Grade Double Breast Pump Ratings and Reviews

Perhaps Medela Symphony is one of the best double breast pump with high ratings. In fact, most hospital use Medela Symphony for moms. Because Medela Symphony targets to Hospital instead of individual mom. It is EXPENSIVE. Some moms may rent it. Some moms may purchase other hospital grade breast pump rather than use Medela Symphony.

Medela Symphony Breast Pump
Medela Symphony Breast Pump

The Good: Efficient, Comfort, Quiet

The Bad: Bulky, Expensive

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Breast Pump Ratings

Efficiency-Strong and Two-Phase Suction Level and Not Manually Adjustable Suction Cycle

The rating of Medela Symphony in Efficiency is AWESOME. Medela Symphony is absolutely efficient with 50-250mmHg suction level and 40-120 cycle per minute. Medela combine the suction strength and suction cycle into two phases. For the stimulation phase, the suction cycle is about 120 per minute. And the suction cycle is about 45-78 per minute in expression phase. Let-down feature is available. Nearly all moms feel the suction is marvelous and the pumping rhythm is totally matched. Although the suction speed cannot be adjusted independently, hard to express and sensitive moms still love Medela Symphony.

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Adjust the Vacuum Level by Knob
Medela Symphony begin pumping in Stimulation Phase of the 2-Phase. When your let-down appear, press the let-down button to switch to the Expression Phase for the most effective pumping. If you do not press the let-down button, the pump will automatically switch to the Expression Phase after two minutes. If the Medela Symphony switch to Expression Phase but you don’t have letdown yet, simply press the let-down button to return to the Stimulation Phase.

Moms can adjust the vacuum level by the Vacuum Regulator Knob. If you want to increase vacuum level, turning the knob clockwise and vice versa. It is easy to use. Moms cannot adjust the suction cycle manually. However, most moms mention the suction speed is pretty good and suitable to them. If you want the model with both adjustable suction cycle and vacuum level, please read the ratings reports of Spectra Cimilre S1 Double Electric Breast Pump or Dr. Browns Simplisse Double Electric Breast pump etc.

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Breast Pump Ratings

Symphony standard 2.0 card

The medela symphony comes with a standard 2.0 card that is inserted into the pump. The card remembersthe last Stimulation Phase vacuum setting prior to switching to Expression Phase and returns to this setting in Stimulation Phase.

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Breast Pump Ratings

Closed System with Overflow Protection

Medela Symphony adopts well-designed hygienic closed system. Backflow of breast milk to tubing and motor is prevented. Mold and virus are less likely to appear. It is much more hygienic and easy to maintain. Moms can also save time to clean the tube and other parts. It helps to keep the breast milk clean and safe.

Breast Pump Ratings

Comfort Level-Standard Polypropylene Plastic Flange

Medela Symphony Hospital Grade Breast Pump adopts polypropylene plastic breast flange. Most moms feel it is so far so good. The standard size is 24mm. 21mm, 27mm, 30mm and 35mm are available separately. Click here to order different sizes of Medela breast flanges..

Breast Pump Ratings

Portability-Bulky with Power Cord

Medela Symphony Double Electric Breast Pump is quite bulky with approx. 13 lbs. It is suitable for pump in one location. If you need to bring the pump to other places, Medela Symphony is not portable. Medela Symphony provide power cord and no battery pack is provided. The ratings of Medela Symphony in Portability is not high.

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Breast Pump Ratings

Noise Level

The Medela Symphony is whisper quiet and wont wake up your baby.

Breast Pump Ratings

Other Features

  1. Three Year Limited Warranty
  2. Made in Switzerland
  3. BPA Free
  4. LCD Display


Breast Pump Ratings

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